Awareness raising program on Menstruation Hygiene Management

1 Dec 2023 (Online Bahas)

On 30th November,  ICA Nepal organized an awareness-raising program on Menstruation Hygiene Management at Gamvir Samudra Setu Secondary School which was facilitated by Ms. Karuna Mahat and Ms. Anupa K.C. The program was anticipated for students aged 14-15 years from Grade VIII and teachers. Altogether 52 participants participated in the program. Among them, some were recently menstruated and some were non-menstruated. The program was organized to promote awareness about Menstruation Hygiene Management.


The session started with a self-introduction mentioning their age of first Menstruation. Everyone including teachers and facilitators actively participated in the introduction session. A discussion about menstruation and social taboos was discussed in which one of the students shared the story of her first menstruation."I was not allowed to see my father's and brother's faces, restricted from entering the kitchen as well as in religious places, activities, worshiping god, and so on. I also had to go away and stay in relative houses until her menstruation Bleeding stopped in the name of saving cultures." 


Moreover, Ms. Karuna and Ms. Anupa conducted the Game called "Johari Window". They created the four sections in the chart paper with the heading Open: which can be expressed with anyone in public, private: which can be expressed with a specific person confidentially, Open-Secret: which people know about but don't talk about and Secret: which people don't talk and express anything. Students were given sticky notes to write their opinions and were assigned to paste their sticky notes in the relevant box.


In addition, Ms. Karuna Mahat shared about menstruation hygiene management challenges and puberty interactions with girls and boys in class. In addition, she also highlighted the proper use of reusable sanitary napkins and proper disposal of sanitary pads. Students shared about their mothers, and sisters facing challenges and difficulties during their periods. She shared that the schools must have facilities of menstrual friendly environment. Different types of period Blood colors and their meanings were also discussed during the program. She added that as our body bleeds, it becomes weak during the period so she suggested eating Nutritious Foods. Furthermore, she shared the significance of wall magazines to fasten on the wall of the classroom. 


The students were happy to raise awareness related to menstruation hygiene management. The students and teachers' group expressed their gratitude for the session and their excitement for leveraging positive change. The program was completed with the song: "PARA PARA XU" related to menstruation and playing a game related to the menstruation Cycle with the active participation of girls and boys. The session was concluded by taking group photos and thanking the school for the coordination. The project was supported by PEOPLEnergy, Canada.